Frequently asked questions

Is this 100% pure?

Yes this is absolutely 100% pure. We do not sell hundred things, we sell only one product (Saffron) and only one type (most premium, organic, unadulterated) saffron for expecting mothers (pregnant women, skin, medical, health and home use only). Top Quality and customer satisfaction is our highest priority and foundation stone of our business. We offer full money back guarantee on the quality. In case if you are not satisfied with the quality, let us know and we will refund your money in full.

From which month should an expecting mother consume saffron for best results?

An expecting mother can use saffron from the beginning of third month till the delivery. It is safe to use during pregnancy in moderate quantity (5-10 strands with a cup of boiled milk daily). Usually it is taken at bed time after dinner and before going to bed.

What is the source of your saffron?

Kashmir Kesar sources Saffron from the farms of Pampore Kashmir.

Do you have delivery option?

Yes Kashmir Kesar offers free delivery across India. We are present in Bangalore so delivery period for Bangalore is one day only and for other cities/states it is 2-3 days period.

How much quantity should I take?

The quantity of saffron ideal for an expecting mom is related to the month of pregnancy. It is safe to use it from beginning of third month till delivery in moderate quantity (5-10 strands with a cup of milk daily once).

Please refer the chart provided under the buying cart to select the ideal quantity.

I am based out of (Delhi, Pune, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Bhopal, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Kerala, Andhra, Telangana, Kochi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Mysore, Hubli, etc.) Do you deliver here?

Yes, we deliver to customers in all these locations and anywhere in the country. We immediately process the orders on payment receipt, dispatch item and keep our customers updated about the delivery status.

Does Saffron use cause body heat, allergy?

When used in excessive quantities Saffron may cause body heat or allergy. However when used in moderate quantity, usage of Saffron is absolutely safe and doesn’t cause any such effects. In rare case, if you experience body heat or allergy, reduce the intake or consume it on alternate days. In a very rare situation if you still face body heat or allergy, stop using it.

How should I store it?

Saffron should not be stored in refrigerator. It should be kept either in the same box provided or moved to some other air tight container. The threads should be picked using dry hand or spoon. It shouldn’t be touched with wet hands or spoon. It should be kept in a cool, dry place. Saffron is good when kept dry and in an air tight container to avoid moisture.

What is the life of Saffron?

Kashmir Kesar brings Saffron from the same season to the marketplace. There is always fresh stock with Kashmir Kesar. Its shelf life is between 3-5 years when stored properly however expecting moms should consume the suggested quantity before the delivery. Saffron left over can be consumed post delivery also in small quantities (2-3) strands if the baby is ok and doesn’t show any reaction.

Is Saffron helpful for people facing depression?

Research shows that taking saffron or saffron extract by mouth for 6-12 weeks improves symptoms of major depression. Some studies show that saffron might be as effective as taking a prescription antidepressant, such as fluoxetine, imipramine, or citalopram.

Can I use Saffron?

Yes absolutely, Saffron is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals which are rarely available in the daily food. Saffron being a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals is good for everyone (children, adults, elderly people).

Is Saffron good for sex stimulation?

Early research shows that taking saffron, or a chemical from saffron called crocetin, can decrease fatigue and improve muscle strength in men during exercise. Erectile dysfunction. Early research shows that applying saffron to the skin can improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

How can I test it is pure?

Pure kesar/saffron tastes slightly bitter on the tongue. If you don’t feel that slight bitterness it is not pure or worst case adulterated saffron.

Pure saffron when added to hot water doesn’t fade away. It gives the water or milk its saffron color but doesn’t lose its own color. If the strands turn into white it is fake and color has been used which is not safe for usage.